Orthodontic solutions for the whole family

Metal Braces

Metal braces are the most common orthodontic treatment done to straighten teeth. Here at Ganim Orthodontics, we use a different bracket that is not used by most practices – self-ligating braces. It is a bracket with a special metal clip which allows our treatment to be more efficient, more comfortable and requires fewer visits to our office.

Ceramic Braces

We will not compromise aesthetics at our office! With Ceramic Braces, your treatment will be discreet from start to finish. The brackets are designed to match the color of teeth, but it has the same great features as metal brackets. It is the best in both worlds! Ceramic Braces can correct complex malocclusion cases while still appearing to be less visible to other people.


The ultimate aesthetic option, Invisalign® clear aligner, is a popular treatment option and one of the most technologically-advanced orthodontic treatments. Though not available for all types of cases, the clear aligners are a system of customized, clear, removable trays that allows the patient to achieve beautiful results without brackets or wires. It slowly moves the teeth to their ideal position with a series of clear aligners worn and changed every 1-2 weeks, providing better patient comfort.

Phase I Orthodontics

At Ganim Orthodontics, some of our most important work is during early childhood. Phase I includes ensuring that a child's arches are adequate in size, enough space for the permanent teeth before they come in, and the other structures in the mouth are well-aligned – preventing extended treatment in the future when braces are necessary. While brackets and wires are needed at times during this age, we only recommend this treatment when it is necessary.

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD)

Dr. Ganim had specialized training in Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (known as TMD). In this therapy, we use therapeutic treatments to relax the muscles giving patients extreme discomfort. It is not your average splint or night guard therapy but a more focused approach to facial musculature, one of the leading causes of TMD symptoms and frequent headaches.


At Ganim Orthodontics, we utilize the most advanced technology to provide the best possible care while offering superior patient comfort from initial consultation to the day you leave our office with your new smile.


No more goop, gagging, or messy impressions. We use iTero Intraoral Scanner to take a 3D digital scan of your teeth in great detail, fast, and comfortably in our office.


Self-ligating is one of the most advanced orthodontic solutions for effectively straightening teeth while offering excellent patient comfort and fewer office visits.